Polyurethane Injection Crack Repair

We offer a polyurethane crack injection service for those pesky leaky basement walls. It consists of a polyurethane foam that expands to seal off the crack from water that is trying to get in. It is by far the simplest, most cost-effective way to seal leaky cracks in poured basement walls from the inside of the house. Please contact us today to schedule a repair to stop that water leak and keep your basement like its supposed to be. Dry! Below are some facts on the system that we utilize:


  • Seals seeping or mildly leaking cracks

  • 400% elongation provides a flexible seal for moving cracks

  • Can also be used on dry cracks

  • Expands to fill voids and close off the back of the crack

  • Expanding nature makes it suitable for sealing cracks in solid masonry

  •  Fast reacting - reaction begins within 1 minute after exposure to moisture; expansion may be completed within 3 minutes (depending on the amount of moisture and the ambient temperature).  

  • Non-shrinking hydrophobic formula with the elongation and flexibility of a hydrophilic resin 

  • 20:1 expansion ratio (unrestricted rise) means less material needed