Basement Waterproofing


How we do it:


Our waterproofing system stops the water on the exterior of your basement walls instead of on the inside.  The problem wall is first excavated down to the foundation.  The old tile is removed and replaced with a new socked tile.  If needed, a new sump pump system will be installed in the basement to keep the water level below your foundation.  A waterproofing compound is then applied to the wall from the existing grade of the landscaping all the way down to the foundation.  A vapor barrier is then applied over the tar and the new tile is backfilled with no less than two to three feet of #6 stone.  Its then topped off with sand and black dirt.  If the excavated area is to receive any concrete at grade level, it will be backfilled up to grade with the #6 stone and concrete columns will be placed against the wall to support the new slab and prevent any settling that may result from the excavation.